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Re: How many prints? CIS maintenance issue

  And depending on your printer, don't forget that when one color is
'empty', you must replace the whole cartridge, not just the one color.
Theoretically, the others could be close to full !  So the waste factor is
actually more unless of course you always use the same amounts of each color
(but your 25% reduction number may factor that in ?)  :)


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> writes:
> << I wonder how many prints one can pull off a set of 4oz bottles? The
>  seems to have an outstanding ink economy. I'm guessing 4oz of ink would
>  good for at least 800 letter sized prints. >>

>From: <PhotoRoy6@aol.com>
> Well I know how many square inches I get from a Epson OEM cart. (3000
> inches at 720 dpi on HWM and PGPP) How many onuces are in a chipped cart?
> Then reduce that number by 25 % as that about how much on the ink is left
> when the chip clicks off. From that number I can estimate how many prints
> will get from 4 ounces in a CIS.

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