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Re: OT D-30's was Re: Monaco Ezcolor

No, Jerry, these are not gray market.  They are
'refurbs' direct from Canon who is evidently
clearing them out.  A bunch of retailers got them,
such as Sammy's and Canoga, and several others I
have forgotten.  they come in a Canon box like off
the shelf cameras, and have all the goodies in
them.  There is no microdrive and the other stuff
with that special rebate.  Canon guarantees them
for 90 days, and in some cases the retailers added
another X days.

This is all moot now, since I think they are all
sold.  The point is that there *IS* a new camera
coming, and by the activity, it should be fairly
soon after the PMA.

If you follow the dpr forums, you already know
that the new d30 cameras are not being restocked
when a retailer is sold out.  This seems to be

I only wish I knew what kind of price tag it will
have!  Some well connected *guessers* have said
that it will retail for about what the Canon D30
started at, i.e., $3000 or so.  Who knows!

bob snow
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These would be gray market. Since Canon is
rebating a 1 gigabyte hard
drive and extra battery for the camera, I wonder
what happens to that,
on those cheaply priced places?

and a  90 Day warranty is as good as the seller
wants to make it. It
isn't canon's warranty.


New D60 is coming this spring. 6 megapixels!

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