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Re: 1520, mac OS X...GimpPrint?

IRQ problems and such are directly the result of the "ISA" bus design
that WinTel has used for the last 20 years. Macs had serial ports
built in but the main issue was the system bus design wasn't ISA. When
Macs got slots they used a standard developed by Tektronix (I THINK)
called NuBus. It was designed to avoid these issues. Then later in 95
Apple switched entirely to PCI, which if done right doesn't have the issues.

Laurie Solomon wrote:
> David,
> I am not all that familiar with Macs.  Did they not have problems with IRQs
> because Macs did not use serial port and/or parallel port connections in the
> past and currently or because of some internal design properties?  I know
> that they use top make use of an AppleTalk and SCSI connections for drives,
> printers, scanners, etc.  I do not know if they used serial ports for things
> like external modems or not.
> Laurie Solomon wrote:
> >
> > The biggest problem with serial ports was and is that you run out of IRQ s
> > which results in all kinds of conflicts.  USB, and I suspect Firewire as
> > well, probably have their share of problems and limitations as well.  They
> > may be different but they have them.
> Mac do not and never have had to fool with IRQ or other such
> conflicts. That's a WinTel issue.
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