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Re: New list member-Need some help


When I do that on my EX it prints CW137A  PC437  169C.  Can you interpret
that for me please?


Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Powell Hargrave" <hargravep@shaw.ca>
> To find out the amount of life left in the big ink absorbing pad do a
> on printer test.  Hold load-eject button while turning on printer and
> it starts printing.  First line has 3 numbers.  The third is printer count
> in Hex.  Mine is:  TB2997   I007BC   70F5
> 70F5 H = 28917 D  Mine is getting up there.
> The maximum count for the Stylus Photo/700/EX was 37,000 decimal. Not sure
> exactly what it is for the 1200, but likely about the same.

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