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RE: ProfilerPlus experiences, round 2

> From: Matt Hagadorn
> What image are you using to test? Profiles don't handle saturated color
> gradients well. With "real-world" images this isn't a problem. Use the
> PhotoDisc target inluded with ProfilerPlus to test your profiles.
> Compare the
> PhotoDisc prints to your (newly calibrated) monitor.

I don't see a PhotoDisc target on either the ProfilerPlus or the OptiCAL
disc. Is there somewhere else I can get this file?

> ... once you have a good profile you don't have to do the
> iterative adjustments anymore, and you can use accurate soft-
> proofing to correct for any deficiencies the profile might have with
> certain images *before* printing.

When I was done with my second attempt at profiling, this time using Premium
Luster Photo Paper (which is supported by the 2000P driver), I reprinted the
target file. In another message, I explained the deficiencies in this print.
However, when I turned on soft proofing, using the new profile, what I saw
on the screen looked much less like the print than when I turned off soft
proofing. This doesn't really suprise me: if the profile can't instruct the
system to make the print look like the screen, I don't see why it should be
able to make the screen look like the print, either.


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
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