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Re: What PC operating system?


I just re-installed XP to a new hard disk, and all I had to do was to enter
my serial number again and send it off on-line. No phone calls or anything.
I've read that you can make 5 or 6 changes to your hardware before XP
becomes suspicious and demands an explanation.

OK I can't install it on my second computer, but then I'm not supposed to,
so I can't really object if they have found a way of stopping 50% of all
installations being illegal!

Theft and fraud is not just something that 'criminals' do; most/many of us
are dishonest when it comes to 'borrowing' software. Good luck to software
writers if they have found a way of stopping that, providing they don't make
it too difficult to use. But if they do that, then users will be put off, so
it's not in their interest to deter us from buying and using the software -
just to deter us from illegally copying it.

Bob Frost.

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From: "sirius" <sirius1@wanadoo.nl>

> i thought that Microsoft is forcing you to reregister and making
> each time you have to make a full reinstall for any reason (hardisk
> new configurations etc.) .

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