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Re: image resolution

Title: Re: image resolution
> Some reading I've done indicates that Epson printers expect an image for
> printing at 240 dpi.  I can't find anything in the documentation (I have
> an 820 & 870) that talks about this nor in the material online at Epsons
> website.  Does anyone know something definitive on this?  Thanks.
In my humble opinion and tests, 360 ppi is optimal. 240 ppi is soft to me. I
definetly notice an increase in fine detail (i.e. hair, eyes, etc.) by going
to 360, assuming the source image has that much detail. I don't resample up
if it's not already there.

Note that I print at 1440 or 2880 printer dpi. Last I checked, simply
choosing "Quality" would leave you at 720 dpi. You need to go into the
custom setup to go higher.

Daniel L. Taylor
Owner, Taylor Design
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I think the most important thing to do for the best quality output is to have a good quality original and scanner combination.  I've output clean, sharp files at 200PPI that were extremely fine in detail.  Also, there are major differences in sharpness between different papers if head alignments are not done often.

All the best!

-Andy Darlow

Photography, Digital Print Consulting and Custom Editions
Andrew Darlow Images International

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