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Re: Color Profiling (more info for my question)


Sorry for the late reply - I've been away.

There seem to be at least three ways in which a monitor profile can be
applied in Windows. Firstly, by associating the profile with the monitor
(Desktop Properties/Settings/Advanced/Color Management).

Secondly by using a profile loader such as Adobe Gamma or Photocal in the
Startup folder (you can usually see the profile 'kick in' towards the end of
the startup routine).

And, thirdly, in the Registry under
Hkey_Local_Machine/Software/Adobe/Color/Monitor/Monitor0/Monitor Profile,
you will find Adobe Monitor Settings.icm or Photocal Profile.icm depending
which is being used. This is presumably the one used by Photoshop.

The important thing to note is that merely removing Adobe Gamma loader from
the Startup folder does not change this Registry entry; nor does merely
associating another profile with the monitor. I found it was possible to
have one profile associated with the monitor, another loaded by Adobe or
Photocal loader, and another in the Registry under
Software/Adobe......./Monitor profile. I didn't waste time working out what
this might be doing to my monitor - I merely changed them all to read the

Bob Frost

----- Original Message -----
From: "Paul D. DeRocco" <pderocco@ix.netcom.com>
> I don't know how a monitor profile is applied, but I expect there's some
> Windows function call that does it. With Adobe Gamma, the profile does
> appear in the display properties, which I would think would be persistent,
> but it seems to need to run Adobe Gamma Loader on startup to assign it. If
> you figure it out, let us know.

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