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Re: Bulk dye base inks, which is the best?

I've been satisfied with ACSI bulk inks with my 1280.  Their site is
http://www.oddparts.com/ink/Welcome.html   I'm not using a CIS, just
refilling the cartridges.  Had to make a minor adjustment because the color
was a little warm.  Haven't tried any torture test, only use EPG and have
not seen any color shifts.  I'm not as fussy as many on the list, but get a
lot of positive comments on my prints.  Always interested in reading
experiences by others.


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From: "Gary Franz" <franzhaus@yahoo.com>
To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2001 1:13 PM
Subject: Bulk dye base inks, which is the best?

> I have tried the MIS bulk inks, and the prints show
> excessive fading, using Epson glossy photo paper, is
> there a comparitive evaluation of all of the different
> bulk ink, comparing color, and resistance to fading?
> Prints from MIS showed fading after 6 months, photos
> were hanging inside, away from bright sunlight, normal
> humidity.  Has anybody found the perfect bulk ink, or
> is their a siste that I can go to that compares,
> thanks in advance, Gary

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