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Re: Fuji Frontier test image looks awful (WAS Re: printer testimage(?))

At 12:26 AM +0000 12/5/01, Alan Rew wrote:
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>Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 7:05 PM
>Subject: Re: Fuji Frontier test image looks awful (WAS Re: printer test
>>  In a message dated 12/3/01 10:53:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>>  arew@patrol.i-way.co.uk writes:
>>  << Bruce's Lab
>>   image of the GretagMacbeth  >>
>>  Where did you get this file from?
>Bruce Fraser kindly sent it to me. It's a Lab file constructed from the
>average of several spectro measurements from physical GM cards.
>You can obtain a Lab image that's virtually the same from the
>www.picto.com web site in their sample files web page.
>Nowadays you have to go through a simple registration procedure before
>downloading their free stuff, but it's no big deal.
>You can compare the image in PS with a physical GM card under a viewing
>light and see how good your monitor profile is.

I'll be happy to send anyone who wants it the Photoshop Lab image, or 
the measurement data from which it was created in Excel, but the 
differences between the various measurement sets are mostly within 
the granularity of Photoshop LAB, which only allows integer values, 
so you probably won't be getting anything that you can't get from 
Bruce Lindbloom's file at Pictographics...

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