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RE: Advice for upgrading to Win2k on photog computer?

"My specific question is this: is anyone running on Win2k that was
installed as the lone OS onto a clean system and is using Photoshop 6
and printing to an Epson 3000? I will check to make sure that all my
hardware and software is current and compatible, but don't want to mess
up my currently well calibrated triumvirate -- e..g., monitor, scanner,
and printer. I am using Profiler RGB, latest edition. All of my images
are archived to CD. So I guess I'm primarily concerned about how Win2k
will handle ICC and other color profiles. Any differently?"

I did this upgrade and the only thing I am having trouble with is a
Microtech CF card reader. Every time I tried to install the device, the
computer blue screened. After several trys at workarounds and discussions w/
their cust. support, I tried the XP drivers rather than the Win2K drivers.
This has seemed to fix the problem. Who knows.

However, I don't use the 3000, I use a 1270.

Hope this helps a little.


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