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Re: E20 vs. D30

>I hope Mike Greer will post the steps in his workflow. Not because I
>doubt his statement below. On the contrary I'm curious to know how
>the quality is kept in the process, from choice of lens to choice in
>the driver settings.

>>This is what a visual science like photography so interesting. I routinely
>>print 11x14s cropped from my 3.3 MP D30 that blow people (including
>>away. Others claim its not possible. It just goes to show the differences
>>amongst people. There really is no right or wrong here, just different.


I just blew up an image from a D30 of a half frame face (approx 1/2 of a
2160 x 1440 pixel) image to 1/2 frame of a 8196 x 5466 pixel image using
Photoshop 6 with Fred's SI(Stair Interpolation).  The image looks as good as
the original and I cropped out one eye and did an 8 x 10 printout.  The eye
is about 2 x 8 and looks terrific even without any sharpening at all.  I
started from a standard fine large size JPEG in the D30.  Not only is it
possible to make images larger than seems possible, they are amazing when
you see that they have not lost any detail in doing so.

Dennis Uphill

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