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Re: Color, BW compromise

Thanks Shilesh & CDTobie

It's starting to look like the best choice for now is a 1280/90.  I'll take 
a good long look at where I can fit a 2nd printer when my skills justify 
one.  Those skills probably don't justify worrying about print life past 
the 1280/90's ~25 year print life just yet.


At 01:41 PM 11/28/2001, you wrote:

>In a message dated 11/28/01 1:17:49 PM, bobgeo@dgiinc.com writes:
> >Could someone give me an idea of how well an off-the-shelf 2000p, 1280/90
> >
> >or other sub-$1000 Epson does with BW printing?
>If you are using the CcMmYK inks for B&W images, the answer is that the
>documentation for the 2000p says quite clearly *not* to do this... and the
>results bear that out. The 1280/90 will do this supurbly with a custom
>highend profile, but out of the box  you will get one degree or another of
>crossover, where certain tones are warm and others cool, etc...
>C. David Tobie
>Design Cooperative

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