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Re: Fotonic Impressions (also Lyson Pro Photo Gloss vs. OlmecOptimum Photo Gloss)

on 11/18/01 2:19 AM, J.C.Wright at 100777.2666@compuserve.com wrote:

> Wire,
>  Thanks for a really helpful and informative post.
>  Have you tried Fotonic with Epson ColorLife? It has good paper
> thickness, good colour, and presumably good life. There is no
> 'bronzing', and with a good profile should give very good results, if
> you can do without the gloss.
>  Presumably all your tests on gloss papers were done using the
> 'Glossy Film' setting in the driver, to reduce the amount of ink used
> and keep 'bronzing' to a minimum?
>  I use Fotonic most of the time, and mostly with Lyson 265gm Pro
> Gloss, and I get a little 'bronzing', but not enough to cause any
> concern. I can accept it and live with it.
>  John Wright
> Using Virtual Access
> http://www.soft-shop.com

I haven't tried Colorlife. From what you report I will.

I did use the glossy film setting for my tests.

I am beginning to like the 265 photo gloss a lot due to sharpness and
saturation. It produces very photographic renderings and has a great feel.

FYI--Since my write up, I've concluded that the ICI Imagedata Olmec Optimum
Photo Glossy 260 is *identical* to the Lyson Pro Photo Gloss. For example,
it's physically exactly the same as the Lyson by look and feel. Reading
ICI's web site (http://www.ici-imagedata.com) reveals a part of their
business is rebranded products.

Therefore, if you use much of this paper, you can find sheets and rolls at
http://digitalartsupplies.com (under Inkjet Photo Paper - Photo Gloss) for
about 2/3 the price (if recollection serves me :) of the Lyson branded stock
at inkjetart.com.

One thing I'd like to know about this paper is PH. ICI Image data (see
below) doesn't comment about this in their literature. They say that a
"photo base stock" is used to create Olmec papers. Maybe this implies PH


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