Re: eCos in virtual environment (eCos run on QEMU ARM?)

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On 2012-07-17, Eduardo Fernandes de Conto <eduardoconto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> For my internship, we are trying to port/run eCos on a virtual
> environment (RABBITS) we used here that is based on QEMU and simulates
> an MPSoC with the ARM architecture (You may find for information here:
> I have I couple of
> questions that I would be pleased if someone is able to answer to:
> - Has someone successfully ran eCos with QEMU simulating the ARM
> architecture?

I believe eCos has been run on Qemu emulating a Samsung S3C2440 board:

This page says they run eCos on Qemu emulating a Stellaris EKK-LM3S811

Another simulator that might be worth looking at is skyeye

Which according to the page below can run eCos

This page shows running RedBoot on the skyeye simulator which seems to
be emulating some sort of Atmel ARM7 board:

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