Re: Configtool always gives "[b7633880 M 16:21:16] Failed to initialize any targets"

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On 25/06/12 16:39, David Fernandez wrote:
> Hi there,
> Again, I kind of remember fuzzily that there was a simple way to make
> this go away, but couldn't find a ny trace in the mailing lists.
> Anybody knows why configtool goves "[b7633880 M 16:21:16] Failed to
> initialize any targets" and how can it be fixed?

It would have been more helpful to describe what you were doing when it said
this, and where it reported it. Evidently it's at startup time.

At startup, the configtool looks for test platform definitions in
$HOME/.eCosPlatforms. If there's nothing there, it unpacks a default from the
file platforms.tar in the directory it lives in.

I suspect you don't have any pre-existing $HOME/.eCosPlatforms and don't have
a platforms.tar. So to solve this, download eCos 3.0 and in your home
directory (cygwin or linux) run this:
tar xf /opt/ecos/ecos-3.0/tools/bin/platforms.tar

which will add information for a few default platforms, not that I'm sure any
of them are relevant to you.

Or you can add info for your own platform using Tools->Platforms, which should
also make it go away.


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