Re: configtool for linux building problems.

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As people is quite busy these days, I eventually find the answer myself:

The best ecos help page for configtool and host tools in general is, the README.txt in
ecos/host/tools/configtool/standalone/wxwin gives a make recipe that is
less flexible then the one indicated in the web page.

1.- The link to wxGTK-2.8.8 sources in the above, or any other
wxGTK-2.8.x sources are ok, but require a few tricks. After configuring,
building, and installing, as indicated in the eCosCentric web page for
configtool, while in the wxGTK build folder (not the sources one) do:
    cd contrib/src/gizmos
    sudo make install
This should get the gizmos library and headers installed, which do not
seem to install by default.

2.- Edit the makefile.gnu in ecos/host/tools/configtool/standalone, and
add to the line EXTRALDFLAGS, at the end, after leaving a space, -lX11

3.- Build configtool as indicated in
    sudo make -f
<path-to>/ecos/host/tools/configtool/standalone/wxwin/makefile.gnu \
                        install WXDIR=<wxgtk-install-prefix>
ECOSSRCDIR=<path-to>/ecos/host \
The makefile.gnu has the full possible options, but if your tcl is
properly installed, only the ones shown above will be necessary.

N.B. wxGTK-2.9 has either integrated gizmos into normal wxGTK source
folders, or moved part of it to "wxCode" (perhaps an additional package
to configure --with-wxcode, but not sure).

Hopefully I'll be able to find this the next time... Although it would
be good to update the pages with this info, perhaps
the eCosCentric ones too.

By the way, if John Dallaway, or any other maintainer for configtool
could confirm its maintenance status, and if what I've put above is the
best way to solve the configtool build problems, that would be great.


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