Help with LwIP in ecos-3.0

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Hi all I get the following Trace by GDB

(gdb) bt
#0  ~Cyg_Mboxt (this=0x80046e10) at
#1  0x80017255 in ~Cyg_Mbox (this=0x80046e10) at
#2  0x80014409 in cyg_mbox_delete (mbox=2147773968) at
#3  0x80022a41 in sys_mbox_free (mbox=2147773968) at
#4  0x800282bd in netconn_delete (conn=0x80049b98) at
#5  0x800222b5 in lwip_close (s=<value optimized out>) at

My connect fails (due to wrong IP, but that's O.k by me) so I close
the TCP socket and get the ASSERT from mboxt.inl:105
deleting mbox with messages.

How bad is it? can I ignore it?


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