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Ok, I solved the problem. When we develop an application that have to
be loaded by Redboot that, in turn, has been loaded by GRUB, it is
necessary to select the "Load into higher memory (2MB)"
(CYGHWR_HAL_I386_PC_LOAD_HIGH macro name) option under "i386 PC
target" in the eCos configuration tool.

The option sets the application entry point to 0x208000, above the
Redboot area (info on the memory left free by Redboot are displayed at
the boot).


Il 30 marzo 2012 16:18, f.carrai@xxxxxxxxx <f.carrai@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> Hello everybody,
> this is my first question to the list. I’m not able to run the ‘hello’
> application sampled in Ecos v3.0. I’m working with a standard i386 PC as
> target
> on which I successfully installed GRUB and REDBOOT. When Redboot starts it
> shows:
> Platform: PC (I386)
> RAM: 0x00100000-0x040F0000 [0x00195130-0x01000000]
> I built eCos using the “i386 PC target with RTL8139 ethernet” template and
> then the hello application from the examples.
> When I try to download via TFTP the ‘hello’ image, I got “Can’t load ELF
> File
> – program headers out of order”.
> While investigating, I realized the start address of the Redboot and of
> Hello
> are the same : 0x0108000.
> Here I’m confused. May I load the hello code everywhere in the available
> RAM ?
> Just to try, I loaded the image at 0x0208000 and the expected “Raw file
> loaded…:” show up.
> But when I gave the GO command nothing happened.
> Before to continue, am I doing right ?
> Thanks in advance.
> Fab
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