Re: net/bsd_tcp code conditional on (__NetBSD__ || __OpenBSD__)

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On 2012-03-07, Sergei Gavrikov <sergei.gavrikov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I fully agreed. To be clear, I talk about BSD TCP/IP code only. We
> should have full control for unused-but-set variables for every eCos
> package like infra, hal, kernel, kernel tests, RedBoot, etc., but,
> IMHO, net/bsd_tcpip code is some exception, it is almost academic code
> today and we should do the same things for this package very carefully.
> As you said above, removing the variables would "break" *BSD sources.
> Just wondering what is a score (wc -l) for such warnings now? I mean
> for bsd_tcpip with ipv6 code included?

After the changes I've committed so far, there are 48 warnings left.
That inclues changes to non-bsd source code and adding the
-fno-strict-aliasing compiler flag for compiling bsd code.

There are uncommitted patches in bugs 1001516, 517, 525 that fix 25

That leaves 23 warnings left in about 10 files underneath
bsd_tcpip/current/src/sys/netinet6 that I'm going to be working on
next.  I'll probably create a single bug/patch for those tomorrow.

I haven't yet committed any changes to bsd_tcpip source code. Changes
to bsd_tcpip source code (except for netinet6) are in bug 1001516.
There's still plenty of time to discuss the way I've handled things in
the patch for 1001516 -- but I thought it would be easier to discuss
if there were concrete examples to look at.

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