net/bsd_tcp code conditional on (__NetBSD__ || __OpenBSD__)

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I'm still working on clean up compiler warnings generated by gcc 4.6,
and all that's left is stuff under net/bsd_tcpip.  There are variables
that are set in code that's compiled unconditionally, but only
referenced in code that's conditional on 

  #if defined(__NetBSD__) || defined(__OpenBSD__)

Does eCos ever build that code with either __NetBSD__ or __OpenBSD__

If not, just removing the variables would seem to be cleaner than
marking them with the "unused" attribute.  [My guess is that the
compiler generates the same code either way, but I haven't verified

However, removing the variables rather than marking them unused will
probably mean a lot more work when it comes time to incorporate
updates from upstream (which we all hope will happen someday when
"somebody else" has time to work on it).

So: remove or mark as "unused"?

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