Re: Disable IPv6 at startup?

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On 2012-03-01, Sergei Gavrikov <sergei.gavrikov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>> IMHO, it is neat solution. Thanks for usage example. BTW, the KAME's
>>> successors had declared ip6_init2() as you suggest:
>>> Please, submit the patch.
>> OK, will do.  I noticed after that last post that ip6_init is renamed
>> to cyg_ip6_init by one of the include files.
> Yes, I'm seeing that was entered in a merge/fix patch from Kelvin Lawson
> in 2011. But there is also
>   include/sys/param.h:224:#define ip6_init cyg_ip6_init
>> I assume I should do the same thing for ip6_init2 if it's going to be
>> global?
> I have doubt.  May be to change a scope of the function in ip6_input.c
> will be enough for the case?  As for me I would not propagate the
> definition {cyg_,}ip6_init2 in the headers.  Though, may be I wrong
> here. I would stop on your first proposal:
>  -static void ...
>  +void ...

I've already submitted a patch with the #define added, but if the
consensus is to leave the symbol un-mangled, then I can submit a new

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