Re: Re: eCos arm-eabi GNU tools - test release 4.6.2-20120125

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On 24.02.2012 18:10, Grant Edwards wrote:
> On 2012-02-13, John Dallaway <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Ilija Kocho has been working with a new set of GNU tools for ARM targets
>> based on GCC 4.6.2. The new tools incorporate support for Cortex-M4 SIMD
>> and FPU instructions. Ref:
>> I have generated builds of these tools intended for wider testing within
>> the eCos community. The test builds can be downloaded from the eCos ftp
>> site and are located under the "gnutools" directory:
> FWIW, I just tried the new tools building a fairly simple eCos kernel
> (based on CVS HEAD from a couple weeks ago) with FreeBSD stack
> enabled.  The kernel build generated 172 compiler warnings.  About
> half of those (89) are aliasing violations in the bsd stack source
> code, so it looks like '-fno-strict-aliasing' needs to be added to the
> compiler flags for the FreeBSD stack to safely use the new toolchain.
> Of the remaining warnings, about half (45) are variables that are set
> but never used.  Most of them are in the FreeBSD stack, but there are
> a smattering of them in other places as well.
> The remaining warnings a variety things like printf format/arg
> mismatches, failed inlines, signed/unsigned mismatches, and so on.
> Personally, I'm not comfortable shipping anything that builds with
> that many warnings.  For my code, the requirement is zero warnings.
> For eCos code, the number of warnings has to be small enough that I
> can anlyze them once and thereafter tell at a glance whether any new
> ones have popped up.
Yeah, every new release is trying to be more prudent than previous.
There are two ways, suppressing warnings and/or fixing code. We need to
consider it and decide how to approach on case by case basis.
Zero warnings should be our goal.


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