Re: Building for freescale_twr_k60n512 failing under Cygwin

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On Fri, 17 Feb 2012, Michael Bergandi wrote:

> I am attempting to exercise the eCos port to the Freescale
> TWR-K60N512. However, I am currently unable to get it to even build
> under Cygwin. I have followed the same procedure under Ubuntu 10.04


> makefile:43: recipe for target `heapgeninc.tcl' failed


  make -priority 50 {
      heapgeninc.tcl : <PACKAGE>/src/heapgen.cpp
      $(CC) $(ACTUAL_CXXFLAGS) $(INCLUDE_PATH) -Wp,-MD,heapgen.tmp -E $< -o $@
      @sed -e '/^ *\\/d' -e "s#.*: #$@: #" heapgen.tmp > $(notdir $@).deps
      @rm heapgen.tmp

Just a guess, may be that is `sed' issue? Try this make rule in a
terminal. Or  temporary remove silence sign '@' for sed in cdl.


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