Insight GUI for GDB not working

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hi all
i had ported ecos on vmware and run the sample "basic1.c" program,giving me 'message for thread A & B' on hyperterminal window (as given in Massa book).
now for debugging purpose, when i type "i386-eld-gdb.exe" on command line,i do not get GUI,instead i get (gdb) prompt on command line.
i have downloaded latest insight GUI from website. how to install/use insight GUI? nay detailed explanation/documentation?

"Building the Intel x86 development tools for Windows" as given on is necessary to be done?why? i am already getting my output of basic1.c so i suppose these tools are already available in my ecos package installed. am i wrong?but i could not find any file with name "Insight" to make it up and running?

please help

thank you 


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