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Hi Mykhailo,

Have a look at the following ECOS configuration options under the ISO C Library package: CYGSEM_LIBC_MAIN_STACK_FROM_SYSTEM - if not selected the app has to assign the stack. CYGNUM_LIBC_MAIN_DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE - you would have to recompile the ecos configuration project each time you change this.

Either way you'll have to recompile the ecos config project at least once, but with the former, you would then only need to recompile the app each time to change the main thread's stack size.

Hope that helps,

Andrew Parlane

On 09/11/2011 07:34, Mykhailo Lytvyn wrote:
Hello all,

it seems I have a problem with stack size in multi-threaded application.
The stack size allocation before crush ("Bad next thread") is:

Thread name: Idle Thread,                Total stack: 4608,      Stack
used: 1140,       Remaining in stack: 3468

Thread name: main,                       Total stack: 12288, Stack used:
12112,  Remaining in stack: 176

Thread name: SharedMemoryReceiver,       Total stack: 8192,  Stack used:
3564,   Remaining in stack: 4628

Thread name: task1,                      Total stack: 8192,  Stack used:
3328,   Remaining in stack: 4864

Thread name: task2,                      Total stack: 8192,      Stack
used: 3888,       Remaining in stack: 4304

Thread name: task3,                      Total stack: 8192,      Stack
used: 368,        Remaining in stack: 7824

Thread name: task4,                      Total stack: 8192,      Stack
used: 4328,
Remaining in stack: 3864

Thread name: task5,                      Total stack: 8192,      Stack
used: 4960,       Remaining in stack: 3232

It seems there is too small stack size  in main thread (the free space in
this stack decreased from 640 bytes at the beginning of software running
to 176 at the very end). I would like to ask is this possible to increase
stack size for the main thread without recompiling eCOS kernel? I have
checked eCOS doc and does not see any good reference for stack issues. Can
someone point me to good reference on this?

Thank you in advance!

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