Re: ecos-3.0 current stm32 bug?

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On 25/08/11 13:13, Philipp Meier wrote:

> With the bootloader built under Windows/Cygwin, basepri (mon reg 
> basepri) is 0x00 when my application's hal_reset_vsr function is reached.
> When I build the bootloader  (using the same ecos-library version/code 
> and the same bootloader source code) under Linux, then basepri is 0x10 
> when my application's hal_reset_vsr function is reached.
> Why this difference between Cygwin and Linux?

In theory BASEPRI should have been set to 0x10 by both bootloaders by
the time the application starts running. That the Windows-built
bootloader has not done that is unexpected. It looks like the actual bug
is in the Windows build. The Linux build is doing what I would expect.
So it looks like you have been fortunate not to trip over this issue

The comparison of the executables that I mentioned earlier should help.
It looks like only the bootloaders may need comparing.

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