Re: ecos-3.0 current stm32 bug?

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On 25/08/11 09:48, Philipp Meier wrote:
> Hello Christophe
> it is the SWI instruction ("svc 0" in disassem code) that triggers the exception (therefore breakpoint in hal_switch_state_vsr is never reached).
> Where does the SWI instruction get's it's information about where to jump to? Is it the hal_vsr_table (located at 0x20000000)? In entry 11 I have 0x8040025 which is the address for hal_switch_state_vsr - and yet it does not jumps to 0x8040025 but instead to 0x8040042 (hal_default_exception_vsr).
> Any idea about the reason for this behaviour?

The SWI is probably causing the CPU to take a HardFault exception
because BASEPRI is higher than the priority of the SWI exception.

If I understand correctly, both your bootloader and application are
configured for ROM startup. The ROM startup code in hal_misc.c expects
to find the CPU in its initial state. When your application runs, the
bootloader has already run this code and put it into a different state,
which will then cause the SWI to throw a HardFault.

For your application you really need a new startup type that does the
RAM initialization parts of a ROM startup, but omits parts of the
hardware initialization.

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