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> On 06/01/2011 04:43 PM, Paul MAILLET wrote:

>>> abstraction layer using a journaled file system (like JFFS) will
>>> introduce twice wear levelling... Thanks for the help.
>> why twice? NAND support on JFFS2 just adds (or should add, I don't know)
>> some extra things needed for NAND on top of JFFS2-designed-for-NOR flash
>>(ECC and BBT (bad block table)).

 Twice because the FTL may introduce a wear leveling for the NAND flash, and
 the Journaled file system does introduce a wear leveling by principle. So
 you could have two wear-leveling... of course it's useless but it could

>>> Is there any tests I can run to validate the FS?
>> Use (T)FTP and read/write/overwrite/erase files until the FS is full,
>> with big or small files, over and over again, for days, weeks, without
>> power cycling or unmounting. And check the heap status.

 The problem I encountered with the TFTP is that as I do not use the TCP/IP
 stack from ecos I must add the networking package to enable the TFTP server,
 but a conflict appear telling me that CYGPCK_NET_STACK should be enabled...
 Idem for the ATHTTP server as I don't use the TCP/IP stack from Ecos...
 I don't know if I can use both of them with my specific TCP/IP Stack...

 Best regards.

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