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> Subject:  Problem with flash driver and cache
> Hi all,
> I'm having a problem with cache handling in the flash driver 
> for a ARM920T processor. I'm trying to read the flash 
> contents using cyg_flash_read(), but my application hangs up 
> whenever the macro HAL_FLASH_CACHES_OFF is called. However 
> the problem only happens if I read the flash after the eCos 
> scheduler is started. When reading the flash contents in 
> cyg_user_start() I have no problem. 
> I already tried disabling interrupts and reordering the macro 
> (as suggested here: 
> sg01859.html) but it didn't work for me.
> Does anybody have any ideas?

At the moment I am searching problems with cache, too.
Maybe I have an idea...

When Flushing or Invalidating Flash Content, always a complete cache line is
This causes problems, when your buffer (you wants to flush or invalidate) is
not aligned to the beginning of a cache line or at the end of the cache line
are other datas.
In that case it is possible, that other data then expected are affected,

I do not know, if this could be a reason for your problem. I found this
problem regarding cache handling in a specific ethernet driver

Richard Rauch
email: rrauch@xxxxxxxxxx

Informationstechnologie Rauch 
Schnepfenreuther Hauptstrasse 27b
D-90425 Nuernberg

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