Re: GPL licensed files in the CVS tree

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Hi  John

> To be clear, the eCos License is compatible with the GPL in the sense
> that it is legal to link eCos licensed code with GPL code and to
> distribute the result. However, the entire eCos application (including
> your own application code) would then become subject to the terms of the
> GPL. [ The above does not constitute legal advice. ]

You're right. I was trying to say that the EPL is not "any more" the final 

In my project GPL is impossible to use, since I'm using source code which is 
under the BSD 4 clause license (libraries in ecos-tree). This code is not 
allowed to be mixed with GPL. I did not check if the mentioned Demo code is 
using standard libraries under old-BSD licenses.

> Although the code you mention is demo code and unlikely to be used
> within a product, the presence of GPL run-time code in the eCos
> repository is contrary to project policy and I think everything under
> src/demos/vnc/ should therefore be removed.

Where do I find the project policy?

> It seems that the VNC demo code has been in the eCos repository for many
> years. Does anyone recall any previous discussion about this?

- Andreas

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