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Hi Keith

Smith, Keith wrote:

> I am new to eCos.

Welcome to the eCos community.

> I recently used the script 'ecos-install.tcl' to download the pre-built
> tools for eCos under Cygwin.
> All the files were downloaded and the directory structure was built for
> ecos-3.0.
> When I looked under the 'gnutools' directory under either the 'm68k-elf'
> or 'powerpc-eabi' directories there are no files in the 'include'
> directory of either architecture parent directory.
> What might I have done wrong?

You have done nothing wrong. When developing with eCos, the various C
library headers are provided by eCos packages and accessible by passing
the location of the generated include/ directory within the eCos
"install" tree to the compiler. Take a look at
ecos-3.0/examples/Makefile for typical usage.

I hope this helps...

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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