Re: Questions about CodeSourcery g++ Lite tool chain and eCos

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Hi Eigil,

> . Is it possible to use CodeSourcery g++ Lite toolchain for eCos? I would like to use that because the compiler is newer, gcc-4.5.1, than the gnutools for ARM, that comes with eCos, gcc-4.3. gcc-4.5. can make code ARM11 and Cortex-R/A.
> . Can CodeSourcery g++ Lite toolchain be used together with eCos config tool in Windows?
> . Which version of the CodeSourcery g++ Lite toolchain should be used with eCos?

I'm using latest CodeSourcery toolchain for eCos (the arm gcc). If you want to
use cygwin you need make version 3.80, because the latest make doesn't work
correctly with non-cygwin paths and a correctly set CYGPATH variable. Build
directly in ecos config tool does not work, but creating a config and running
make in the *_build dir does.

I hope this helps you.


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