Re: Olimex LPC1766-STK and RedBoot

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Hi Eigil

Eigil Krogh Sørensen wrote:

> On is says, that there should be
> support for the Olimex LPC1766-STK board in RedBoot and that a description
> of how to load RedBoot to the board should exist.
> I can't find that description. Can someone help me?

The Olimex LPC1766-STK is definitely supported within the eCos
repository but there is no board-specific RedBoot installation
documentation for this board.

You should be able to build RedBoot by configuring/building eCos with
the "redboot" template and using Flash Magic or a similar ISP tool to
install it. However, RedBoot is not very useful on this board (other
than as a sanity test) due to the limited RAM capacity.

I hope this helps...

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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