FriendlyArm Mini2440 NOR Flash out of spec

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On 26.01.2011 10:38, Stanislav Meduna wrote:

> is there a platform or work in progress for FriendlyARM's Mini2440
> board ( already?

Note to all users: the board has a severe problem with
the NOR flash. The part used is specced at 70 ns access time
and the time from deassertion of CE or OE to high impedance
on data outputs up to 20 ns. It also does not have a WAIT
line. Needless to say this is useless on a system that
normally runs a 100 MHz bus clock (interestingly most
of the time it does make it).

The company answered that it is only supposed to be used
as a boot device so one doesn't need a fast access time.

Well.. just to let you folks know, if anyone googles
after NOR flash problems on this board...


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