Re: On Porting OpenSSL v1.0.0c

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Hi Mike, Mark, Sergei and all

Mark wrote:

> I have updated the original OpenSSL v0.9.6b to a later version (0.9.8o),
> which was released in June 2010. It has been on my todo list to get it
> cleaned up and generate a patch. If you are interested in that version,
> I can tar.gz the files and send them to you.

Mike wrote:

> The project I am working on will be using SSL to provide a secure web
> interface for device configuration. In addition, we want to leverage
> the encryption module on our processor (mx27) to get some hardware
> acceleration for our other encryption needs. The ENGINE interface, in
> particular, is the primary reason for our desire to go ahead and port
> the latest OpenSSL to eCos.

Sergei wrote:

> I would look at PolarSSL
> 1)

It looks like there is certainly interest in an up-to-date free SSL
implementation for eCos. Configurability, licensing and ease-of-update
are key factors here. It would be interesting to compare the sizes of
PolarSSL and OpenSSL when configured with the same feature set. OpenSSL
licensing is certainly more flexible than the open source PolarSSL
license for deployment in commercial embedded systems.

Mark, was there much effort involved in updating Andrew Lunn's original
port of OpenSSL v0.9.6b? The version numbering suggests no major changes.

Does anyone have up-to-date information (with reference) on the
restrictions for hosting this class of cryptographic source code on a
publically-accessible server located in the United States?

Is there any interest in using SSL with the lwIP TCP/IP stack? Perhaps
someone has already got this combination working?

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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