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Hi all,

I stumbled accros a wired problem today:

I need the ISO standard types uint32_t and the like. So, I found
stdint.h in the uSTL package. Pulled that one into my config, I get a
collision of the definitions with sys/bsdtypes.h (because I'm using the
OpenBSD network stack at the same time) when building the lib/app that
uses stdint.h. For example:

install/include/sys/bsdtypes.h:37: error: redefinition of typedef ‘int16_t’
install/include/stdint.h:109: error: previous declaration of ‘int16_t’ was here

I found a statement in the archieves from 2007[1] that the bsdtypes
defines should be replaces with somthing "better". I checked both files
and for me the definitions are the same, so that seems to have happened.

Any ideas why the compiler complains here?


Manuel Borchers

eMail: manuel@xxxxxxxxxxx

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