Re: [ivtv-devel] 2.6.29: ivtv-vbi.c: divide-by-zero in compress_sliced_buf()

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Hans Verkuil wrote:
> On Monday 30 March 2009 17:50:33 Mark Lord wrote:
>> Hans Verkuil wrote:
>>> Hmm, is v4l2_common also a module? There is a bug there that could
>>> explain it, but only if v4l2_common is compiled into the kernel.
>> ..
>> Ah, yes I don't see that in lsmod, and I do appear to have
>> CONFIG_VIDEO_V4L2_COMMON=y in the .config file.  I'll rebuild as module
>> and try again.  Is there a fix heading upstream ( for that?
> Ah! That's it then. I definitely need to send a fix for that upstream. It is 
> in the v4l-dvb repository. I need to wait until the fix is merged in Linus' 
> git tree, though, before I can get it in the stable series.
> Let me know if building v4l2-common as a module will fix this. I'm positive 
> it will.

Works like a charm.  Thanks so much, Hans!


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