Re: Hauppauge/IR breakage with 2.6.28/2.6.29

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In message <20090326023841.40ab3ad1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Udo A. Steinberg" wrote:


>On Thu, 26 Mar 2009 00:26:47 +0000 Darron Broad (DB) wrote:
>DB> It's something I forget to deal with in that patch. A solution
>DB> would be to allow a device address to be a module param to
>DB> override the more modern addresses of 0x1e and 0x1f.
>DB> I can't remember addresses off the top of my head but I believe
>DB> the modern silver remotes use 0x1f and the older black ones
>DB> use 0x1e. I think the black one I have came with a now dead
>DB> DEC2000.
>DB> The problem with reverting the patch is that it makes modern
>DB> systems unusable as HTPCs when the television uses RC5. This
>DB> is a more important IMHO than supporting what in reality is
>DB> an obsolete remote control.
>Maybe there aren't many old remotes out there anymore, but from looking at
>the table at it appears the
>remote is not doing anything wrong by using RC5 address 0x0 to talk to what
>could be considered a TV (card).
>The more fundamental issue here is that both devices/remotes use the same
>RC5 address - not surprising if you own two devices of the same device clas=
>So I'm all for your suggestion of adding a parameter that will allow the
>user to either specify the address(es) to accept or ignore. Which of the
>following options would you consider most convenient for the unknowing user?
>1) parameter specifies the only device id that ir-kbd-i2c will accept
>2) parameter specifies a 32-bit mask of acceptable device ids. Any device id
>   whose bit is set will be accepted, others will be filtered
>3) parameter specifies a 32-bit mask of device ids to filter. Any device id
>   whose bit is set will be filtered, others will be accepted

A quick think about this gives this idea:

1. have a module parm for device address and if it's '0' then accept ANY
address. this is the old behaviour.

2. if the module param isn't '0' then accept only that address.



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