Re: [BUG] zc3xx oopses on unplug: unable to handle kernel paging request

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David Ellingsworth wrote:
>> Hi Mariusz,
>> You have the oops thanks to poison and it is not enabled in my kernel.
>> I found the real bug: the device structure was part of the gspca device
>> and it was freed on close after webcam unplug while streaming.
> Jean-Francois,
> I reviewed your patch and in my opinion it is the wrong thing to do.
> With the recent modifications to v4l2 it is very safe and practical to
> embed the video_device struct within a driver struct. The containing
> structure however should not be freed until the release callback in
> the video_device structure is called. This callback is called after
> all open handles have been closed, it is no longer called immediately
> after video_unregister_device is called.

Correct, the v4l2 currently does exactly the same ref counting as we are doing 
in the gspca core now this can be removed.

I'm working on a patch which uses the v4l2 core ref counting instead of our own.



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