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Hello, Mauro Carvalho Chehab.

First of all - sorry for my english (it's not very good &
understandable everwhere) and sorry if i divert you.

I wrote driver (for linux kernel) for USB FM Radio from AverMedia:

Well, actually i started about a month ago. It's simple kernel module
using Video for Linux 2 interface to communicate with userspace
programs & i use usb_bulk_msg() to communicate with usb subsystem. No
new interfaces (+ no assembler code) - just old one's. There are 2 usb
radio devices (using v4l2) - D-Link/Gemtek USB FM radio and Silicon
Labs Si470x FM Radio, so i use this two drivers as base to create/to
develop driver for AverMedia USB Radio.

Suppose, this new driver should be placed in "drivers/media/radio/" or
in "Device Drivers/Multimedia devices/Radio Adapters/".

I checked MAINTAINERS file & don't know exactly to whom to write about
new driver (usb-radio using v4l2 interface). So, i send this letter to
you and to Greg Kroah-Hartman (he answered me one time and then
nothing). I think he is busy or my mailbox blocked (due to strange
reasons, spam maybe). Also I tried to post to
linux-usb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but didn't get any answers from there :(

Can you re-adress my letter or talk to me about what to do next ?

One of problems is that this usb device isn't widely-distributed
(maybe i'm wrong) and i don't know how to test module widely.

Actually, now this driver is simple & farther development required
(add some radio tuning stuff, make more x86 independence, maybe add
more power-management stuff, correct mistakes, etc).

Driver works fine with KRadio & gnomeradio applications. Works normal
under Linux kernel  2.6.27-rc6 (released 9 Sep 2008), compiles without
warnings with gcc version 4.3.1 (Gentoo 4.3.1-r1 p1.1) on
x86-architecture machine.

Best regards, Klimov Alexey.

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