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Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Hi Mauro,
> can you please pull from: for the 
> following changes:
> - TTUSB-DEC DVB-S: claim to have lock
> - Add support for new i2c API provided in firmware version 1.20
> - Add support for the Gigabyte R8000-HT USB DVB-T adapter.
> - Fix support for Hauppauge Nova-S SE
> The "Fix support for Hauppauge Nova-S SE" is in fact very important and 
> needs to be applied to 2.6.27 at least (maybe even 2.6.26) in order to fix 
> a regression introduced for some cards when I changed the driver to add 
> support for other cards...

The array size of 'shadow' still needs to be fixed.


VDR Remote Plugin 0.4.0:

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