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Hi Jean and Mauro,

Am Samstag, den 06.09.2008, 16:46 +0200 schrieb Jean Delvare:
> Hi Hermann,
> On Sat, 06 Sep 2008 06:05:22 +0200, hermann pitton wrote:
> > Am Freitag, den 05.09.2008, 22:13 -0400 schrieb Ronald S. Bultje: 
> > > I'll keep it the way it is then, like I said, it's not that I don't
> > > want to, I just don't think I'm the best person anymore, I've sort of
> > > moved my interest more into the pure software (and am working on a
> > > laptop nowadays, so I lack the hardware anyway)... Anyway, if one of
> > > the CC'ed has interest in working on the driver for the foreseeable
> > > future, let me know and we can swap out my name from MAINTAINERS.
> > (...)
> > all very stupid kernel rules and still tricky. I tried to explain the
> > better solution already previously with bttv and also on early more
> > complicated tuner stuff. (Gunther & Gerd)
> > 
> > You and Laurent and _all_ involved might allow a more currently engaged
> > maintainer, but you should stay at least informed of anything that
> > happens on it, until you vote you want to have nothing further on it.
> > 
> > For all I know, guys like you are invaluable, if it might go into some
> > details.
> It seems that you are going totally off-track here. We are talking
> about how to have MAINTAINERS reflect the current state of things so
> that contributors know who to send their patches to and what to expect.
> This has nothing to do with people going away. This has to do with
> being more efficient at what we do.

Sorry, but I'm trying exactly the same and nothing else.

We seem to agree now, that it is always valuable to keep the driver
authors posted. This should go also for testing capabilities on more
complex hardware. Often bugs are introduced by fixing something for one
sort of hardware, but not having the other ...

> > We had more regressions since ever on the saa7134 and the cx88xx is not
> > clean either. To some point I don't understand, why Mauro seems to be
> > totally unimpressed by that and does not even accept patches from the
> > lists anymore. At least I had no reply, so stuff is bit rotting. (...)
> How the hell is this related to who maintains the zr36067 driver and
> how? Please don't hijack this discussion thread to push you own agenda.

Let me try to explain what seems hijacking to you.

Hartmut, the internal saa7134 maintainer is sometimes not responsive
during multiple kernel release cycles and does not forward patches for
Mauro then. 

He has all related NDAs, is very experienced, knows the details of the
Philips eeprom table and has sometimes support for hardware details from
colleagues and customers when he is working in private on the saa7134
Linux driver.

On the released 2.6.26 we had a serious bug to which I pointed several
times previously, but nobody cared and we needed a hotfix on the LKML
for It was also in the upcoming 2.6.27.

Mauro had only time to review this fix very late during the open merge
window and I had some minor patches too, which if applied previously,
would have broken this one. So I did wait for Mauro's decision, but had
no time later on.

Mauro had also indentation problems with my latest patches and I saw all
tabs lost previously. I don't know why and have no instructions from him
what to try. I even tried it with attachments then, but he reported the
same problems. So it seems he does at least not want patches to the list
from me.

When I copy and paste, even from the link here of an list mirror, all
tabs seem to be there.

I also asked Mauro to try to reach Hartmut to discuss, how patches
during merge windows should be proceeded further on, but I don't know if
he managed to reach him. I would like to have Hartmut's valuable review
too or else I need to know, if any other decision is made.

I simply don't know how and to whom I should send my few lousy patches
now, which I would have to prepare and that is all about my own agenda
and this thread was closest to it and I believe that Ronald will forgive

Even it will be a few lines of code only, it takes a certain amount of
time, since I will have to reinsert hardware and check again.

Guess I just post to the lists.
At least, as far I can see, no previous hotfixes are needed this time.



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