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Le mardi 02 septembre 2008, Jean Delvare a écrit :
> I've seen this, and BT878 supports that format. But I don't know how
> to check how it looks like visually... mplayer doesn't seem to
> support that pixel format. Apparently ffmpeg forces the format to
> YUV 4:2:0 planar (a pretty bad choice if you ask me), so I can't use
> it to test either. If someone could suggest a tool which would let me
> capture the video in a given pixel format and watch it afterwards,
> I'd be grateful.

Of course, I only had to write this to figure out the solution in the
next hour: ffmpeg's -pix_fmt option lets the user pick a particular
pixel format, for example -pix_fmt gray for Y8.

I couldn't find a format for HI24 though, maybe it's not standard
enough and ffmpeg doesn't support it.

Jean Delvare
Suse L3

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