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While working on gspca this morning I couldn't get it to work _at all_ this is 
due to a nasty bug in get_index() where it fails if its gets called with -1 as 
second param (which is a valid, and even default way of calling it).

I've just pushed a patch to my tree fixing this, the gory details are:

videodev.c: get_index()'s second argument is an int, which may be -1 to
indicate that the first free index should be taken. Currently this gets
compared with a max_index int to make sure the index is not out of range,
currently the max_index is unsigned making this comparison unsigned,
which results in passing -1 as second argument triggering the index out
of range check. This patch fixes this by making max_index signed.

This bug also triggers another bug in video_register_device_index in the
error path of get_index failing, where it tries to get the videodev_lock
while it already holds videodev_lock, this patch also fixes this.



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