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> It's *not* on by default, you have to set a define in ivtv-driver.h to 
> enable it. Furthermore, *all* code relating to the xceive userspace 
> tuner is stripped from ivtv by (something that didn't happen 
> with the current ivtv code).
> If you look at the current code you'll see that there is also some code 
> relating to an older xceive driver that is no longer available without 
> heavy kernel patching. So it just replaces hard-to-use code with code 
> that is much easier to use by the end-user.
> In other words: this patch makes it fairly easy for people with an 
> xceive-based tuner to use v4l-dvb and ivtv. It's better than nothing.
> The impact on ivtv is minimal, should a kernel xc2028 driver appear in 
> the future, then it is very easy to change ivtv to use that one.

The script is meant to handle with compat code only. What it
does is just removing all compat code from the patches. It can be used
with some care to avoid incomplete patches from just *one* author to
arrive kernel. However, handling changes with different authors would be
a real mess, since later, there's no easy way to split the changes.

The usage for xc3028 code happened only as a way to solve a big conflict
that arrived when the code were committed on an HG tree. Due to a lack
of proper branch implementation on HG (not documented on that time), an
experimental patch arrived the mainstream. This caused a large noise
between all developers.

On that time, we've expected that xc3028 fixes would be happen soon, and
that we should have a proper fix. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen.

Maybe the better would be just to undo xc3028 changes from v4l-dvb,
while the other solutions are being maturated.

For now, please keep the xc3028 patches you have on a separate
development tree.


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