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Em Ter, 2007-04-03 ?s 12:38 -0400, Michael Krufky escreveu:
> Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> > AApo/Michael,
> > 
> > Any news about this subject? I suspect Linus is about to release 2.6.21.
> > After that, we will have only 2 weeks for newer stuff. It would be nice
> > to have the code for some days on v4l-dvb before we send it to Linus.
> > 
> Aapo is going to clone my m920x tree and add his changes on top of mine.
> He will email you when he is ready for a pull.

Ok, thanks.
> cx23885 is waiting for merge as well, and we _really_ would like it in 2.6.22
> Is there any reason for holding it up?  We wanted you to merge cx23885 into
> master NOW so that it could go to -mm for a bit before 2.6.22
> If you have any concerns, please express them so that Steve and / or I can
> address them immediately.

I've sent the results of my analysis to Steve last Friday. There are
some points that need to be addressed before I merge it on master.

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