Re: Is drm-radeon-testing broken for anyone else?

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> Oh I wasn't aware anyone still used it, I just pushed a branch  for

> Jerome the other day to test something, its known  broken.

Oh, boy... sorry for the noise, then.  This was caused by
the way I am using git:  I cloned the Linus Torvalds tree,
and then used 'git add' to include several trees, like
Ingo's "tip", Greg's stable kernels, and (of course)

When you added that patch to d-r-testing, then some
output was caused when I ran 'git remote update', and
I assumed there was something happening there that
might be interesting.  I cherry pick commits from
drm-fixes and drm-next into my own branch off of the
latest GregKH stable kernel; this prevents me from
facing consequences in other areas due to merge window
insanity, but gives me early warning if radeon-related
stuff is going to cause me problems in the future.

Sorry about this, Dave!
Dave Witbrodt
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