[Bug 27922] setting graphics mode for text console with video= instead of vga= does not work

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--- Comment #2 from Elmar Stellnberger <estellnb@xxxxxxxxx>  2012-03-03 16:10:57 ---
  As far as I have tested it on my machine the radeon module needs to be loaded
with KMS enabled (no radeon.modeset=0 parameter) to get the video
kernel-cmdline option interpreted (/proc/cmdline). If you f.i. need to use
uvesafb instead give the following option: uvesafb.mode_option=1600x1200-24@60
(1920x1200 is no Vesa mode). The same parameters can be given on modeprobe
leaving the module name (radeon., uvesafb.) out

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