Re: [LSF/MM TOPIC] a few storage topics

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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Snitzer <snitzer@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Mike> 1) expose WRITE SAME via higher level interface (ala
Mike>    sb_issue_discard) for more efficient zeroing on SCSI devices
Mike>    that support it

I actually thought I had submitted those patches as part of the thin
provisioning update. Looks like I held them back for some reason. I'll
check my notes to figure out why and get the kit merged forward ASAP!

Mike> 4) is anyone working on an interface to GET LBA STATUS?
Mike>    - Martin Petersen added GET LBA STATUS support to scsi_debug,
Mike>      but is there a vision for how tools (e.g. pvmove) could
Mike>      access such info in a uniform way across different vendors'
Mike>      storage?

I hadn't thought of that use case. Going to be a bit tricky given how

Martin K. Petersen	Oracle Linux Engineering

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